This website is dedicated to my passion - photography. Although I was keen on the latter one for many years now, only recently I managed to buy myself a right equipment and start 'capturing the moments'. I thought the website would be a right place to share these moments with others - not only to share my joy, but to receive some constructive critique and comments.

I am not a professional photographer. I am an amateur, like many others. My main profession is a bit different (I'm an IT guy), photography helps me to keep the balance and relax after long hours spent in the office. Although I enjoy my profession a lot, my hobby helps me to remember that there are other wonderful things in this world. And the photos taken help to freeze the moment, so we can keep our memories fresh even after years passed by.

If you enjoy my photos, I am more than pleased. If you have any comments, please do let me know by dropping me an email. I will appreciate any feedback!

About the gear

You can tell that I am rather faithful to Nikon. The first camera I have purchased was F60 with the basic 28-80mm zoom lens. 2 years later I managed to replace it with Nikon F80s - in my opinion one of the finest SLR cameras which you can buy without breaking the bank. Recently the NAS (Nikon Aquisition Syndrome) ;) got me and I bought what is probably the last professional film SLR out there: Nikon F6. It was a long hesitation for me. Not just because it is rather expensive piece of equipment. But seeing how quickly film is being replaced with digital photography one has to think twice. However, I find - others might disagree and I respect their opinion - that digital photography, especially at its professional range is not there yet to replace film. Getting closer, but not close enough for me. What you pay now is the cost of research and implementation of what technology development brings. I'll wait, especially that I enjoy working with film so much. It "forces" you to stop down and work on composition and other aspects of taking pictures, so you don't waste precious film. It is also easier to spot mistakes you make on the way.

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