This page contains links to useful (I hope) information on photography, which I found while browsing the Internet. Most of it proved valuable and helped me to learn a lot! I hope it will help you as well.

Communities - a friend of mine recommended this website, since I am using Nikon equipment. The best Nikon users community online I've found and probably the only you will ever need! If you are a Nikon camera user, join in! - since I am staying in Singapore, it is good to know what's happening around. Even if you are from different reqion of the world, you can find some useful tips here.

Equipment - it's always better to look at the source first. - local version (at least for me). But it can help you to find about the prices of Nikon's stuff. - link to the website of my favourite store in Singapore. If you're looking for photgraphic equipment, ask them for quotation online. If you're visiting Singapore, don't foget to visit their outlet!

General - an excellent source of competitive knowledge on photography. Who else can help better than the guys making some of the best pictures in the world! - Bob Johnson has a lot of useful tips to offer. I'm sure he can help you too! - Moose Peterson is well-known wildlife photographer (and Nikon equipment user, too!). This is quite a comprehensive guide to flash photography. The whole website is full of useful information and tips on how to make your pictures better. Not only for Nikon fans.


National Geographic Photography Field Guide: Secrets to Making Great Pictures - title speaks for itself. - if you are looking for a decent book on your Nikon's gear, one of Thom Hogan's books moght prove useful.
Practical Photography: How to Get the Best Picture Everytime - by well-known photographer, John Freeman.

Family and Friends - my brother's website. Although not updated for quite some time, still contains some great works of his (both in photography and in computer graphics)! - website of my wife. Seems like we all share same passion!